Shochu Kuro Tane Koji


For Citric Amazake coloured Gray / Shochu
A. Luchuensis

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Traditionally Shochu Kuro Tane Koji has been used for making shochu: a distilled alcoholic liquor either made from rice, barley or sweet potato. This strain produces citric acid, and it helps to lower pH to make the amylases more effective. This spore produces anti-acid enzymes which means it will survive in your stomach and support your digestion. So in addition to probiotics and prebiotic function, it also comes with digestion support function. The Amazake with this Koji is very remarkable, the flavour is like blueberry or lemon. The spore colour is black.
※ When you make Koji with Shochu-Kuro tane koji, I recommend that you use different wooden trays/cloths from those you make Koji with A. Oryzae in order to avoid cross-contamination since this spore overwhelms A.Oryzae. If you use stainless trays, you can use them for either A.Oryze or A.Kawachii or /A.Luchuensis but I recommend you sterilize your treys.