Mugi Miso (Barley Miso)


Ingredients: barley koji, soybean, salt. *All BIO
Salinity: 12-14%

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Mugi miso is matured using barley koji. The big difference between mugi miso (barley miso) and other miso is the aroma. Barley, which is the raw material of mugi miso, is known as a very fragrant grain, and it also has a fragrant flavour peculiar to barley. In addition, mugi miso has a higher proportion of koji than rice koji miso and has the shortest maturation period. Therefore, compared to other miso, it is sweeter and has a lighter colour. Miso soup will give you a light taste. Also, it has rich of dietary fiber, minerals, potassium, calcium, and iron rather than the other miso. Soybeans, which are the raw materials of miso, contain high-quality proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals, and are said to be the meat of the field. Soy isoflavones are said to work on female hormones during menopause. Furthermore, fermenting this will increase the nutritional value of amino acids and vitamins. Miso is a versatile seasoning.