Ingredients: barley koji, soybean koji, soy sauce. *All BIO
Net: 200g
Salinity: 12%
Keep it in refrigerator.

Hishio is an ancient Japanese seasoning made by soybean koji and barley koji in soy sauce. It is said to be the root of soy sauce and miso, is mainly used in place of soy sauce to add richness to dishes and soften ingredients. Since Hishio is a fermented food, it is not only preservable, but it also has many benefits such as improving the intestinal environment due to the action of bacteria, reducing salt intake without difficulty, and softening meat and fish with the power of enzymes. Without using any additives, carefully selected domestically produced wheat and soybeans are used to make koji, which is slowly aged with natural salt. The timeless sweetness and flavour unique to natural brewing will whet your appetite. Enjoy it on top of freshly cooked rice or with raw vegetables such as cucumber.