Miso Workshop

We hold a miso workshop in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, or any place in the Netherlands in response to consultations so that everyone can know about miso. Everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy and easily make delicious your own miso. In addition, the handmade miso that you make yourself has a different taste. Please feel free to contact us first.


Why miso workshop?

You can find the recipes with Miso on the internet, but most of them are telling you only a part of Miso in terms of how to and knowledge. Moreover, you can not feel it by five senses. In the same time, you will learn how microbes will do good thing for human beings.
Throughout our workshop, you can learn Miso comprehensively, and also you can feel how to make Miso from Fresh Koji. As a result, you will be able to make your own Miso by yourself from Koji.


Person who applies to miso workshop

Those who get interested in learning how to make Miso from fresh koji (mold grain) and learning a principle of Japanese fermentation / Miso. Are you attracted by Japanese food or Japanese culture? Let’s get into Japanese fermentation world!

Upcoming Workshop

16/04/2023 Sunday

21/05/2023 Sunday