What you learn from workshop?

  1. Principal concept of Japanese Fermentation and KOJI
  2. Understanding how microbes will do good thing for human beings by tasting several types of AMAZAKE(fermented rice porridge) and fermented seasonings.
  3. Comprehensive concept of MISO by tasting several kinds of MISO
  4. Essential skill of making MISO
  5. 1kg of Organic Rice MISO (KOME MISO) you make at workshop

※On going Q&A support during fermentation
※Everything including Miso jar will be prepared by Choro Koji.
※Souvenir(Shio Koji or Shoyu Koji or Amazake)


DATE : 20th August, Saturday
TIME : 13:30-16:30
PLACE : OSOZAI DELI, Jonker Fransstraat 105A, 3031 AP Rotterdam
CAPACITY : Min 3 persons/ Max 6 persons
Language : English
Price : €95 (Everything is included, even a Miso jar. Just bring yourself!)
Payment :
We will send you back with payment url. Reservation will be confirmed after payment.
※The reservation will be closed by 14th August due to the Koji preparation.